Truckers protesting pandemic mandates make stop in central Indiana

Truckers protesting pandemic mandates make stop in central Indiana

Posted on: Mar 1, 2022

MONROVIA, Ind. — The People’s Convoy is spending a few days in the Hoosier state as it continues it’s cross country road trip to Washington D.C.

The convoy is made up of semi truck drivers protesting government mask and vaccine mandates. The convoy started in California on Feb. 23 and plans to arrive in the D.C. area on Mar. 5.

Hundreds of trucks, cars and semis headed up I-70 Tuesday afternoon, pulling off onto Highway 39 and stopping at Ted Everett Farm Equipment. The group will spend two days there.

Sherry Tingey, a semi truck driver, joined the People’s Convoy in Missouri.

”Our rights are being taken away,” Tingey said.

The convoy was greeted by a host of supporters in Monrovia. People gathered to hear from the truck drivers and donate items to help them along the way.

”We support the truckers that are sacrificing their time and their gas to make our voices heard,” said Jeff Hepworth, he and his wife Dortha drove in from Speedway to show their appreciation.

Hepworth said they have been paying attention to the convoy since it left California.

”The voices are saying that we’re real tired of what’s happening governmentally, we’re real tired of feeling like our freedoms are being eroded, like our voices are being ignored,” Hepworth said.

Deb Cowley came from Avon, she agreed, and said she wants all want pandemic mandates repealed.

”The mask, the vaccine, everything,” Cowley said.

As many mask mandates are being dropped across the country, Tingey said it’s about federal vaccine mandates and the workers being fired because they refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

”They want to separate us, and some people get to keep their jobs and some people can’t just over a shot,” she said.

As the convoy gets closer to Washington, D.C., Tingey said she hopes it sends a message to the current administration.

”We hope that it says we are ready for them to go back to taking down the mandates,” she said.

The convoy will be in Monrovia until Thursday morning before heading to its next stop in Ohio, it will pass through Indianapolis that morning.

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