How Long Will it Take

How Long Will it Take

We strongly recommend every trucker have a Federal ID Number. If you don't have one, that needs to be done before we can begin the process.

Day 1) Start process for FMCSA Authority. Get MC Number and US DOT Number. Start application for IFTA fuel permits and IF we need to do Tag registration start that as well.

Day 2) Send information off to get the proper Insurance filed with FMCSA and any state that may require a filing. Apply for Process agents to go with MC Number. Put checks with any applications that need to be mailed and get them mailed.

Day 10) Verify that insurance is on file and that checks have been cashed by the states we sent to for permits.

Day 15) If everything went just picture perfect, we will be notified that the FMCSA Authority has been granted and we can now apply for and get the Unified Carrier Registration. The IFTA fuel permits should have already come back and been applied to the truck, the tag will be on the truck. The truck will have been lettered and this Trucking Company is ready to get to work!

If you need further assistance starting a new trucking company, please contact Truckers Accounting and Permitting Service, Inc. at 800-553-8277.

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